E.D. Oates


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Perfect for use in food waste dump bins, commercial buildings, sporting clubs, hospitals, hotels and motels. Also suited to eliminate odours where there has been smoke, fire and water damage. After carpet cleaning spray APEEL once in the air to leave lasting fresh fragrance.

Carton of 12x 500ml sprays

*Contains orange, fruit and flower by-products and special manuka "Medihoney" known for its mild germicidal action.


  • Neutralises pungent odours replacing them with an unmistakable fresh and natural orange, vanilla and fruit scent.
  • Odours are eliminated rather than being temporarily masked.
  • Highly concentrated economical formulation.
  • Enhanced biodegradability.
  • Natural bactericide kills germs.
  • University studies have discovered that fresh aromas can help to improve job satisfaction, increase productivity and reduce personal conflicts.
  • pH: 7.0 - 8.0

Directions for use:

Apeel is ready to use, to be used neat.

Area Method
Bathrooms and Change rooms Spray one squirt high into the air, or for a longer residual effect spray directly
onto an inconspicuous surface such as the toilet cistern behind doors.
In Saunas, spray onto the underside of timber seating and allow to penetrate.
Carpet deodorant - Professional use
  1. Spray 4 Squirts per room (approx. 4.5 × 4.5 m) over the carpet prior to prespraying with CITRAFRESH or SPITFIRE. Extract with hot water as normal.
  2. This method allows APEEL to be in contact with all of the carpet fibres.
  3. On completion of the room spray once or twice into the room to complete the residual effect
Hotels, Motels and Hospitals
  1. To combat stale smoke, alcohol or odours, one squirt per 20m2 is enough.
  2. If odours are strong, lightly apply APEEL to curtain backing.
  3. Hospitals successfully use APEEL where incontinence causes problems.
Industrial Waste (Compactors and garbage bins) Spray over compactor or waste storage bins. Best results are obtained by
spraying after cleaning or removing excess waste.