DP1 BEERLINE Detergent

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Bracton DP1 and DP2 are two-part breweries approved beer line cleaner. DP1, when used in conjunction with DP2 will remove build-up and bacteria from all types of draught beer lines and systems. Approved for zero degrees cleaning, DP1, together with DP2 should be used as per instructions once a week.

Ideal for use on:
• Commercial Draught Beer System
• Domestic Draught Beer Systems
• Taps and fittings as a soaking solution

• Brewery approved
• Highly effective
• Easily removes heavy build-up
• Approved for “Zero Degree” cleaning

Tools / Equipment
• Gloves (non Pervious)
• Goggles (non vented)
• Cleaning vessel
• Bracton Beer Line Cleaning System
• Bracton Test Papers

When using Bracton DP1 follow the safety directions on the label and wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Never mix DP1 and DP2 together in concentrated form.

Directions for use:

Hand Mixing
1. Mix 80mls of DP1 and 80mls of DP2 to every 5 litres of water (working solution). It is important to mix DP1 and DP2 separately into the water.
2. Pull working solution through the beer lines and soak for a minimum 2 hours or overnight for best results.
3.The flush solution from beer lines with clean water. Using Bracton Test Papers, check that all chemicals have been flushed from the beer lines.
4. Connect beer and continue service.