Glass Wash Bracton

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This glasswash is a brewery approved glasswash that eliminates the need for drying agents such as rinse aids. This glasswash is the preferred detergent as it has the ability to hygienically clean, lifting stains from the glass. Using this detergent in your glasswasher helps beer hold its head for longer in the glass. It is suitable for hand washing and for use with all makes and models of commercial glass washing machines. Other features include:

• Brewery approved
• Safe to use
• Effective on all glass ware
• Non-toxic
• Non-Hazardous
• Non-Corrosive

Dilution Reccommendations:

Commercial Glasswasher - Mix 1 part Bracton Glass Wash with 2 parts water to make diluted detergent for automatic machine use. Pour detergent directly into detergent well of machine or in an appropriate container to be suctioned by a detergent pump / feed tube.
Hand Washing - Add 70 mL Bracton Glass Wash with 5 Lt of water. Place scrubbing device directly into solution.
Hard Water Areas- Use Bracton Glass Wash at double strength.