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Iceberg 1 Beer Line Cleaner

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Iceberg 1 is a concentrated alkaline beer line cleaner/detergent with built-in descalers and sequestrant agents to enable the product to work in cellar environment with different water conditions.

Approved by major breweries (CUB and LION NATHAN)

Powerful beer line cleaner that works at low temperature

Powerful in hard and soft water 

Capable of removing and preventing heavy contamination, scaling and build up in beer lines.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Recommended Use: As one part of a two part beer line cleaner. Use diluted as directed on the product label.

Step1: Add the equivalent of 12ml Iceberg1 to 1 litre water. Mix the solution

Step2: Circulate and allow the solution to soak in beer lines for 1 to 2 hours depending on the lines condition. Flush thoroughly with fresh water until clear.

CAUTION: Do not mix Iceberg1 and Iceberg2 together in concentrated form. Do not Iceberg1 and Iceberg2 at the same time. For best results Iceberg1 should be used with the addition of Iceberg2 on a weekly basis. WARNING: This product is strongly ALKALINE and CORROSIVE. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash hands after use