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Iceberg 2 Beer Line Cleaner

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Iceberg 2 is a powerful beer line sanitiser. A premium quality low temperature Beer Line Sanitiser, to be used after using Iceberg 1 to sanitise the beer lines.

Powerful beer line sanitiser

Kills & removes mould, germs, yeast and beer contamination.

Sanitise effectively beer lines through oxygen release process

Kills odours

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Recommended Use: As one part of a two part beer line cleaner. Use diluted as directed on the product label.

Step1: Add the equivalent of 12ml Iceberg1 to 1 litre of water. Mix the solution

Step2: Add the equivalent of 3ml Iceberg2 to 1 litre of the above solution. Mix well. Circulate and allow the solution to soak in beer lines for 1 to 2 hours depending on the line condition. Flush thoroughly with fresh clean water.

Caution: Do not mix Iceberg1 & Iceberg2 together in concentrated form. Do not add Icebeg1 & Icebeg2 to the water at the same time. For best results Iceberg1 should be used with the addition of Icebeg2 sanitiser on a weekly basis. This product is HAZARDOUS. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash hands after use