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Quick Strip

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RapidClean Quick Strip is a fast, efficient, labour saving method for removing floor finishes and wax sealers with a minimum of scrubbing. QUICK STRIP is a low odour, ammonia free, stripping system.

CONTAINS: Ethanolamine 99g/L, 2-Butoxyethanol 247g/L

• Fast acting butyl stripper
• Caustic and residue free
• Liquifies old sealers on contact
• Safe on most flooring

1. Dust mop the floor to remove loose dirt and rubbish.
2. Dilute quick strip as recommended on the label in a bucket of cold water.
3. Apply quick strip to small areas (approximately 10 to 20 square meters). Warning – applying stripper to large areas may result in the stripper drying on the floor. If this occurs the floor will require re-stripping.
4. Allow 5 minutes for the stripper to penetrate the old sealer.
5. Scrub the floor with a black/stripping pad fitted to a low speed scrubbing machine. Scrub the floor very slowly passing over each area twice using a side-to-side motion.
6. To check if the old sealer has been removed properly, scratch the floor with your finger or a blunt object and check for residual sealer. Further scrubbing and more floor stripping solution may be required if sealer is not completely removed.
7. Make sure the surface is kept wet at all times. If the floor appears to be dry at any stage apply more stripping solution to the floor.
8. When the old sealer has been completely removed from the floor pick-up the stripping solution using a clean mop and bucket, a wet and dry vacuum, or an auto scrubber.
9. Rinse the floor using a clean mop and bucket with clean potable water. Ensure that all residues are removed and that no stripper is left on the floor.
10. When dry, check to see if old sealer has been removed completely. If there is still some old polish left in some areas repeat steps 2 to 10.