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Septone Superclene Citrus Degreaser

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Septone Superclene Citrus Cleanser & Degreaser

Septone Superclene Citrus Cleanser & Degreaser is Australiaís most versatile heavy duty general purpose cleaner/degreaser concentrate. Itís unique combination of biodegradable natural orange oil extract, anionic and non-ionic surfactants and powerful builders combine to give excellent performance in almost any application.

It can be diluted for virtually any cleaning application, including degreasing, heavy duty vehicle washing and detailing, workshop floor cleaning, cleaning of trawlers and oilrigs and engine degreasing.


  • Can be used on Painted Surfaces
  • Alloy Soft Metal Surfaces
  • Environmentally Friendly ñ Caustic & Phosphate Free
  • Concentrated formula with dilution Range 1% ñ 33% dependant on application
  • Multiple Applications ñ Manual Bucket, Spray, Pressure Cleaning & Parts Washes
  • Contains natural citrus ingredients and fragrance