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Tile Clean HD`

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RapidClean Tile Clean HD

RapidClean Tile Clean HD is a concentrated, heavy duty, alkaline detergent designed for the removal of fats and oils from floors. TILE CLEAN HD rapidly removes carbonised food deposits and heavily congealed fats and greases. TILE CLEAN HD contains sequesterants, builders and a highly efficient detergent system for easy rinsing from all surfaces.

WARNING: TILE CLEAN HD is not suitable for use on metal surfaces/equipment and polished floors.


  • Fast acting
  • Removes carbonised deposits
  • Cuts through grease & soil
  • Multipurpose cleaner & degreaser
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Does not contain butyl solvents

1. Scrape up loose soil and remove.
2. Dilute with water according to the directions for use.
3. Apply the solution to the surface and allow time to penetrate the soil.
4. For stubborn soil application a slow speed scrubbing machine may be required.
5. Mop up solution and rinse product contacting surfaces with potable water