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Tung Oil Seal

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Whiteley Tung Oil Seal is an Oleo resinous floor sealer specifically designed to penetrate deeply into the cellulose fibres of wooden floors. Tung Oil Seal imparts a tough durable non-slip seal and since it is a penetrative dressing it cannot craze or chip and it resists wear by bonding the structural fibres of the wood.

Tung Oil Seal is for interior use only. Tung Oil Seal is specifically designed for sealing timber and parquetry floors in halls, gymnasiums, classrooms, offices, showrooms, hotels and restaurants etc. Tung Oil Seal conforms to the Australian Standard for the Slip Resistance of

Pedestrian Surfaces AS 3661.


  • Sand and seal in one day
  • One-step sealing system
  • Burnishable from 400 rpm to 2000+ rpm
  • Scuff and mark resistant
  • Repairable & patchable
  • Slip resistant

Tung Oil Seal is available in 10L bottles.