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Vacuum Hako Rocket Vac XP New

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  • 1300 W Long life motor lasts up to 1000 hrs.
  •  Dramatically reduced need for servicing and parts placement = reduction in carbon footprint from reduced transport to and from service technician; and fewer replacement parts = reduced landfill.
  • Unit is 40% more powerful and 62% more efficient than most other back pack vacuum cleaners in the market.


  • Using state of the art materials and manufacturing techniques Rocket Vac XP weighs only 4.2kg making it the lightest 5L backpack in the market.
  • Use of virgin materials means Rocket Vac XP is a recyclable unit – further reducing land fill and carbon footprint.
  • Smarter harness assemblies all replaceable without use of tools (simply thread through).
  • Piggy Tail cord assembly means cord replacement handled by operator on site.
  • No Downtime.
  • No Service Technician.
  • No Transport.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint.


  • A 5L vacuum which fills to capacity = reduced emptying.
  • No thermal overloading = reduced downtime.
  • Filters washable = less replacement = no service technician.
  • Filter bag treated with release agents to reduce adhesion of dust = easy empty.

  • Brings machine closer to the users body and reduces opportunity of knocks and scrapes to walls and furniture.
  • Closer to body means machine feels even lighter on user.
  • Design of upper canister enhances airflow through filter bag.


  • No external filter = maintenance eliminated = reduced R&M costs.
  • Air directed almost vertically up and away = no movement of paperwork etc in office = increased productivity
  • Quiet – below 70dBA.


  • Suction hose swivels 360o at lid reducing operator fatigue and making cleaning of air-conditioning vents, ceiling fans, etc so much easier.
  • Swivel reduces wear and tear of hose connection.