Vacuum Henry Cordless with 2 batteries

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Many people are familiar with their HVR200 vacuum otherwise known as Henry, who has been cleaning up for the past 30 years. Now it’s the turn of the battery powered NBV190 with
an 8lt capacity and weighing in at a comfortable 6.38kg, it has a run time of 35 minutes and it’s easy to eject battery can be fully charged in just 3.5hrs.

For those areas where power is not available or it’s dangerous to have trailing leads when daytime cleaning is carried out the NVB190 provides the perfect answer.

Order Codes:

NBV190-1 (Vacuum inc 1 battery)
NBV190-2 (Vacuum inc 2 batteries)
NBV190-3 (Vacuum inc 3 batteries)

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Technical Specs
Model: NBV190
Power: 36V 250W
Capacity: 8L
Airflow: 20L/sec
Weight: 6.38kg
Filter Bags 604015 (Packet of 10)
Other Information: Battery powered cordless vacuum cleaner