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Tasman Chemicals Bluewash Concentrated Laundry Powder

Tasman Chemicals Bluewash is a free flowing blue powder combining a blend of powerful cleaning agents, detergents and specialty optical brighteners. BLUEWASH ensures maximum cleaning performance on all soils encountered leaving fabrics clean and bright with a fresh residual fragrance.

BLUEWASH can be used in all types of washing machines, front and top loading to remove a wide range of household stains including grease, fat, blood, oil, dirt and perspiration. BLUEWASH is also suitable in industrial washing machines for use in on premise laundries such as nursing homes, motels and hotels.


* Concentrated powder 100% active.
* Provides a quality low cost wash.
* Controlled foam characteristics.
* Suitable for top and front loading machines.
* Optimised levels of optical brighteners.
* Ensures maximum whiteness and brightness is attained.
* Contains enzymes.
* Quickly removes blood and protein stains.
* Excellent cleaning results in hot or cold water.
* Provides flexibility of wash temperature and energy savings.
* Contains a specialty substantive perfume.
* Leaves a fresh residual fragrance on the fabric.
* Contains water softeners.
* Suitable for all hard water conditions.
* Contains soil release polymers.
* More efficient washing of clothes.
* Contains Anti-Bacterial Agent