Bowl Bamboo 32oz 200 Carton

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Features and Benefits

Serve your customers using one of the most sustainable materials available, bamboo. Bamboo’s strength and heat-resistance make it perfect for producing highly-functional bowls.Our bowls are compostable to ASTM D6400 in industrial facilities where these exist. Plus seal your bowls with clear, heatproof lids made from PET, that your customers can happily recycle.

  • Bamboo grows so fast it’s classed as a rapidly-renewable resource – in fact, an entire bamboo forest can grow in just a few years (add citation)
  • Bamboo regenerates from its roots – for a new crop to grow, it doesn’t need replanting
  • Choose from bowls in a wide range of sizes with leak-proof, recyclable PET lids
  • These bamboo bowls are heat-resistant and durable, you can package all types of hot, savoury, sweet or greasy food
Product Specification
Size: 32oz
Dimensions: 128 × 150 × 78 mm