Hako Australia Pty Ltd

Carpet Extractor M26

Spray-extraction cleaner mounted on driving frame. Stainless steel container. 
The compact M26 Carper Extractor is a perfect machine for domestic, trade and industry cleaning. With a stainless steel tank and dirty water drain hose with a separate clean water tank, it's ideal for all carpeted surfaces and easy to operate. It is equipped with a powerful pump of 60 W, spray rate 4.25 l/min, spray pressure 6 bar.
Application Wet Vac/Extraction Unit
Tank Capacity - dirty 58 lt
Tank Capacity - Clean 11 lt
Mains Power 240 V / 50 HZ
Vacuum Motor Two-Stage 2 x 1000 W
Vacuum Pressure 190 mbar
Air Flow 2 x 53 lt/sec
By-Pass Motors Yes
Pump Pressure 65 psi
Pump Motor 640 W
Pump Flow 4.3 lt/min
Total Height 610 mm
Width 540 mm
Weight without Tools 24 kg
Cable Length 10 m
Standard Accessories 3 pieces; 40 mm