Diversey Care

Clax Alegro 1AL

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Clax Alegro 1AL1 is a liquid alkali builder/booster containing alkaline ingredients and special chelation ingredients for use in low to medium water hardness conditions. It provides higher alkalinity producing excellent results on heavily soiled classifications like tea towels, butchers coats and fouled linen.

Effective on heavy soils
Suitable for use on cottons and polycottons
Improves soil removal; especially food (protein) and fat stains.
Counters greying of linen; stabilizes soil particles in the wash liquor
Improves wash performance by affecting soil-fibre interaction (swelling)
Prevents yellowing of linen

Volume:                               15L

Carton QTY:                        1

Brand:                                 Diversey

Recommended Use:           Laundry

Fragrance:                          NA

pH:                                      14

Dilution Rate:                     4-5ml / kg – 8-10ml / kg