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Clax Neutapur 60A1

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Clax Neutrapur is a laundry sour specially formulated for use in commercial and on premise laundries. This product should be applied in the last rinse to neutralise residual alkalinity. Key properties Clax Neutrapur is a liquid alkalinity neutraliser based on organic acids. Organic acids are efficient neutralising agents for alkali present in rinse water and on fabric, thus preventing yellowing (or galling) of fabric. The main neutralising ingredient is formic acid, which has a very low COD and an excellent environmental profile. Formic acid has a low boiling point ensuring evaporation of residual acid during the drying step. Clax Neutrapur can be used for all types of fabric, but is particularly suitable for application on hospital linen, roller towels and mops.

Benefits • Effective neutralisation of residual alkalinity in rinse water and on fabric

• Excellent biodegradability •

Prevents yellowing of fabric Use instructions Dosing level is dependent on wash classification and alkalinity of fresh water absorbed by fabric.

The neutraliser should be applied in the last rinse of a washer extractor or in the last section of a continuous batch washer.

Dosage recommendation: 1.5 ñ 4 ml/kg dry goods