Dispenser Auto Airfresh Bobson

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Automatically sprays at preset intervals to guarantee a pleasant odour in washrooms and other public areas.
  • Easy to fit and program
  • Includes model with full 7 day cycle
  • Timer and light sensor models
  • High quality
  • Also suits Pysect natural pyrethrum insecticide
  • Low cost, low maintenance
Quality Air Freshener and Insecticide Dispensers deliver great added value for very little cost. Guarantee a pleasant restroom experience with our automatic Air Freshener and Insecticide Dispensers. All of these Air Freshener and Insecticide Dispensers are ultra-reliable, low profile, low maintenance units that have proven themselves in a demanding and competitive field. These are some of the best Air Freshener dispensers available in Australia, with a good range of programming and fragrance delivery options (fan-forced gel or aerosol can). Most of these can also be deployed as insecticide dispensers.

High quality Air Freshener Fragrances

An Air Freshener is only as good as the fragrance it delivers. We manufacture some of the highest quality and most popular Air Freshener fragrances in Australia. With a high percentage of quality US perfume, our fragrances smell better and last longer than our competitors.