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RapidClean Autocut MiDi Hand Towel Dispenser

RapidClean Autocut MiDi Hand Towel Dispenser is a market leader in both performance and innovation. Portion control single sheet dispensing, will reduce paper use and costs by over 30% and eliminate cross contamination (as the paper you touch is the paper you use). Providing high quality high performance hand towel, less sheets are used, fewer roll changes and less Labor is required, the only product to save you cost on a sheet for use basis. This product is ideal for all high traffic areas, and is HACCP compliant.

– Innovative Portion control single sheet dispenser
– HACCP compliant
– Lockable
– Hi impact construction
– Internal cutter for safety control
– 5200 cut sheets per Carton the most cost effective purchase option in hand towel.
– Suitable for paper products 077513 (Autocut Large Hand Towel) and 077924 (Autocut Eco Hand Towel)