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Fire Dog is a heavy duty oven and hot plate cleaner for applications where there is not enough time to wait for the action of normal cleaners. 
The chemical activity is boosted to allow for quicker removal of fats and grease. 
Fire Dog can also be used as a drain and sewer cleaner maintainer. 
It is safer to use as there is not the heat and agitation produced. 
Recommended Uses 
Do not use on aluminium or zinc. 
Avoid contact with linoleum, chrome, painted and varnished surfaces. 
Do not use with acids or other chemicals. 
Apply neat product to warm, NOT HOT surface, making sure to spread evenly over surface. 
Leave surface, wetted with product, for a few minutes and then wipe surface with an absorbent cloth. 
For food contacting surfaces, rinse surface with potable water. 
For very stubborn deposits of carbon, use of a scraper or abrasive griddle pad will facilitate their removal