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Glasswash/ Destainer Powder

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DESCRIPTION & BENEFITS Glasswash / Destainer Powder is pink a chlorinated non-foaming powder intended for heavy duty mechanical washing. It can be used for utensil and dishwashing machines and is highly effective in removing soils and stains from stainless steel and glassware. Glasswash / Destainer Powder ensures excellent performance and eliminates the possibility of scale formation within the washing machine. Non foaming Chlorinated Works in hard & soft water Leave dishes, cutlery & glassware spotless Economical.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE As a Soaker- Destainer: Use 10 – 15 g/Load of warm to hot water depending on the degree of soil. E.g. 1 cup of Glasswash in 20L water, for fresh clean and hygienic results. As an Auto Glass Washing Detergent: Use 20 g/Load.

Code No 517 ENVIROMENTAL ASPECTS LF- Low Phosphate Biodegradable Surfactants Safe for food processing areas & septic tanks when used according to dilution instructions PRODUCT AVAILABILITY This product is available in a 5 KG, 15 KG, 20 KG PAILS or 25 KG Bag.

SAFETY INFORMATION Consult us for specific use directions and SDS. For service and additional information please contact us on 1800 201 700