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Glitter Pad

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Glitter Pads are used with a tool fitted with a handle or handheld tool. Each pad is 250mm x 110mm, 20mm thick.

The blue glitterpad is designed for lighter scrubbing and provides a less agressive cut back 


Other pads include:

  • White: Used to dry polish, providing a higher shine. Can use water mist to aid in obtaining a high gloss finish.
  • Tan:Used for dry polishing buffable finish and has the ability to surface to surface clean while polishing.
  • Red:  Used for spray or spot buffing, dry buffing or a very light wet scrub
  • Green: Used for heavy duty scrubbing pad or cutting back
  • Brown: Used for regular stripping or a more aggressive cutting back
  • Black: Used for regular stripping
  • Emerald: The most aggressive, fastest stripping pad. Able to strip floors faster than black pads.