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Halo Fast Dry Glass Cleaner

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Oates Halo Glass Cleaner

Fast drying, streak free glass cleaner that cuts through greasy fingerprints and food based grime in a flash. Suitable for use on an array of surfaces including glass, tinted glass, mirrors, glossy painted surfaces, laminate, chrome, stainless steel and some sensitive equipment such as computers, X-ray machines and electrical equipment. HALO does not leave dirt and dust attracting residues and therefore helps surfaces stay cleaner for longer.

  • The fastest drying Ammonia free window cleaner
  • No streaks and smears
  • No Residue helps keep windows cleaner for longer
  • Safe on Tinted Glass
  • It”s ideal for computers, X Rays, Navigation and TV & Stereo plastics.
  • Fine optical and medical equipment .
  • Contains Isopropyl Alcohol
HALO FAST DRY Directions


Spray lightly over the surface to be cleaned in sweeping strokes. Agitate with a terry toweling cloth or paper towel until the product disappears. Turn the cloth to an unused section (or use a fresh one) for a final wipe. A circular motion removes the most dirt and grime.

Halo is Ideal for General Cleaning:
Porcelain Floors
Tabletops and benches
Mirrors and Glass Refrigerators
Desks and Chairs
Fixtures and Fittings Automotive
Chrome and Stainless Steel
Aluminium Window Frames