Hand Dryer Dualflow White

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– ABS white cover, 3 mm thick.
– High speed class F universal brush motor, adjustable from 19000 to 30000 rpm.
The motor has assembled a self resetable fuse that it opens at Tc=115 °C.
– No heating element.
– Proven antimicrobial and antibacterial protection using silver ion
technology from Biocote®, resisting the growth of microbes e.g. bacteria and
moulds, complementing the cleaning routines.
– H13 HEPA filter.
– Removable water tank with Biocote® protection, and an outside valve for
easy emptying.
– Luminous frontal leds for a quick diagnosis of the hand dryer status,
including an acoustic and optical warning of full water tank. ( Green – Device
working, Blue – Full tank, Red – Check the motor)
– Neutralizer to remove unpleasant odours (optional).

Place hands inside the hand dryer. An electronic system based on infrared sensors will detect them and the unit will start
automatically working and go on with no interruption during 30 seconds. When hands are removed the dryer will stop.