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Hand Towel 100 metre roll towel 16/ctn

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RapidClean Roll Hand Towel 100m

RapidClean Roll Hand Towel 100m is a widely used product designed for use in areas where bulk wiping is required. By utilizing superior quality paper to most other standard roll towels on the market, RapidClean Roll Hand Towel is able to ensure that less paper is used to perform any given task, whether it be wiping down a bench or drying ones hands. Designed to fit all Roll Towel dispensers on the market.

– 1 Ply, 18cm x 75cm sheet average (1706 sheets)
– 16 Rolls per carton
– Australian Made and Owned
– Superior strength
– Ideal for high traffic areas
– Fits all roll dispensers on the market, made for dispenser 033036
– Available in 180mm x 80m or 180mm x 100m